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Adapting and Authoring

This database contains activities, many of which can be adapted for special classroom needs. You can also build your own models using the Molecular Workbench.

Adapting Activities

To read a brief introduction to customizing a Molecular Workbench activity, view the file Adapting an Activity or read the same within the Molecular Workbench.

If an activity is editable, it will have a symbol like that to the left under its activity number. You may also wish to see a full list of editable activities.

Building Models

Users of Molecular Workbench software can also develop models themselves.

To read a brief introduction to building your own Molecular Workbench model, view the Quick Start Guide or read the same within the Molecular Workbench - Documentation, Worksheet: Making a Model.

More Info

More advanced information on building models with Molecular Workbench is available in the full User's Guide. Open any editable model from the database (or download Molecular Workbench) then go to the User's Guide in the Navigation Bar.

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